Review: Method Cleaning Products

Updated: Aug 24, 2019

After hearing so many good things about Method products I messaged the staff to see about getting some samples as I have never really used any Eco-friendly, organic or natural cleaning products and was unsure of how well they would work. When I was told that they were out of samples I was a little disappointed. I was told that the Method products were really good and I really wanted to try them for myself.So a few weeks later, whilst out shopping I was walking down the aisles and large shelf filled with products of almost every color of the rainbow something caught my eye.

OMG its METHOD!! and it was on special, this must be a sign that I really need to try this product and review it. I grabbed a bottle of the multi purpose cleaner and the air freshener and put them pride of place in my trolley and yes I had to have matching bottles. I have spent the last few days cleaning my house with this product so here are the results....

The Product

Pink Grapefruit Multi Surface Cleaner

Wild Poppy Air Freshener

Price when bought: Pink Grapefruit Multi Surface Cleaner £3.00, Wild Poppy Air Freshener £3.50

Method also sell:

- Hand cleansers

- Laundry detergent

- Wood cleaner

- Body wash

- Dish soap

- Glass & Surface cleaner

- Laundry detergents

- Air fresheners


Smells divine

Looks great

No harsh chemicals

Planet friendly



Simple yet stylish, I really like the loop on the air freshener bottles and the containers are easy to handle.

Overall Thoughts:

I have really enjoyed using the Method products, they smell absolutely heavenly, unlike some other cleaning agents I used to use Method products actually smell like what they say they are supposed to smell like. I truly am cleaning happy with these products and will definitely be using this product again. I want try all the products now, after trying these two,because they work really really well, oh and I want to make a rainbow of colorful planet friendly cleaning products .

Having cats I am always worried about what I use to clean with in my house, as with some of the more nasty and quite frankly unpleasant smelling products make my girls run a mile, so I know they don't like them and some days I feel like they don't actually do very well at cleaning anything other than to make me not feel like cleaning with them at all.

I like that Method make their products with safe, effective, biodegradable ingredients so that means you won't have to worry about using this products around kids or pets. There is no tricks, no hidden additives or anything like that, in fact Method are so keen on being transparent about the ingredients that they put a list of all the ingredients that goes into all the products on their site (Ingredients) for the world to see. With Method as I have said the smells are amazing, my cats don't run away when I'm using them, I know they are safe and they work, I have seen it with my own eyes.

I used the multi purpose cleaner to clean the tops of my kitchen benches, spills, the microwave and the dreaded oven and if you do a lot of cooking or have kids you will know how easily it is for things to get messy. The multi purpose spray cut through the grease and grime with ease and left my kitchen smelling amazing. The wild poppy air freshener left the rest of the house smelling like I had just walked into a field of wild poppies, bottle the smell and brought it home, it is gorgeous.

Honestly I am so happy with both of these products and the results after using it for half hours of very enjoyable cleaning, I have cleaned out all the nasty chemical cleaners that I have own to make space for more Method products. I cant wait to get my hands on other products within the Method range. I highly recommend this product for anyone looking for an Eco-friendly, safe and effective alternative to cleaning products.

Thank you Method and Staff.


Have you tried this product or one from this range? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below

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