Review: Purely plantain chips

Updated: Sep 26, 2019

(This Product was sent to me for review)

This month I was sent some Purely Plantain chips to try, I was shipped two packets of each flavour, Nice and Spicy, Naturally salted and Wild garlic. All the chips were reasonably similar in look, though the Nice and Spicy were a little more on the orange side.

These chips, are not made from banana but are made from plantains, still in the banana family though plantains are used more like a vegetable because of its low sugar and starchiness, it also looks and tastes a lot of different bananas being that it is greener when ripe and a lot thicker in size.

Wild Garlic, the smell is very subtle, the colour is golden perfection, the texture smooth in your mouth and they have the right amount of crunch. Wild garlic tastes delicious with the very mild sweet garlic taste that lingers on your tongue and isn't overpowering.

Nice and spicy, again the smell is very subtle, the texture smooth and crunchy. The colour is more orange due to the spices, that you can really taste with these chips and it has a little kick to it which as a lover of all things spicy myself I just can't get enough, they are just so good.

Naturally salted, if I am being honest smells and tastes very similar to that of your average potato chip, the texture is again smooth, perfectly crunchy and absolutely delicious. These might just be my new favourite snack for when I am binge-watching Netflix with hubby.

Their Mission Purely is a fairly new brand on the market for healthier snacks, with their Mission being to Inspire the world with innovation, create a healthier and tastier future and to bring the worlds food closer to its customers.


I honestly believe that Purely has outdone themselves with these incredibly fresh tasting, healthy plantain chips, with them being not only Low in sugar, High in Fibre & Potassium and 30% less fat than potato chips. Overall these are amazing tasting and also quite filling healthy snack alternatives to the more conventional unhealthy snacks out there.

I highly recommend you venture over and discover Purely for yourselves and even grab a box and share with friends, you're almost certainly guaranteed to love them and they are good for your health.

You can check out their full range of beauty essentials for yourself here:

If you do try these let me know what flavour you enjoyed best.

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