Review: rCup reusable coffee cup

Updated: Sep 26, 2019

(This product was sent to me for review)

I like a lot of people love a good cup of coffee but have been avoiding buying coffee on the go due to not wanting to have it in a disposable cup, adding to the already huge amount of plastic that is already in landfills and our oceans. I am trying to lead a more sustainable life so that means saying no to waste wherever I can even if that means not having a hot cup of coffee on the go.

What I needed was something that I could take with me, it needed to be BPA free, reusable, be able to fit in my bag on the go and be 100% leak proof. That's when I came across rCup, the worlds first reusable coffee cup, made from the single-use cups. I chose the 12oz Cream and green rcCp as I have been really loving those colours lately and it will go great with my bag.

The rCup can be opened with one hand, just push down on the lid to open and drink, then when you did to push down to close. You can drink from any side of the cup with ease, though I did find the lid to be a little loud when opening and closing, it's nothing that I can't live with. I had to test its leak-proof claims. I held this full cup upside down live on stream and nothing leaked... amazing. I found this cup super easy to clean, just wash it like you normally would any cup and for those of you with a dishwasher, the rCup is dishwasher safe.

This cup keeps your coffee hot for quite a while after making it, I am one of those people that take a while to drink my coffee and sometimes I end up leaving quarter a cup to go cold but with this cup, my coffee was still warm even 40 mins after first making it so I will no longer waste any coffee.

Every purchase of a rCup funds a sustainable solution to global waste, priced at 12oz cup is priced at £12, made from recycled coffee cups, will fit into any cup holder.

If the seals' for your rCup degrade or leak the rCup team will send you replacement seals, if, by some chance the lid breaks, they can send you a new one of those too, just call them and let them know. Designed to last 10 years, when the cup reaches the end of its life it can be put into your plastic recycling thus helping to keep plastic out of landfills and our oceans.

I really like the rCup and will be taking this with me whenever I am out and about. I believe this cup to be great value for money, so if you are looking for a more sustainable, reusable coffee cup for when you are on the go, I highly recommend you check out the rCup range for yourself. With a variety of colours and sizes available there is sure to be a rCup for you.

You can check out their range for yourself here:

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