Review: Shibui loose leaf tea pyramids

Updated: Sep 26, 2019

(This Product was sent to me for review) I took my time with this review as I wanted to taste each tea and get the most out of each cup to give you all the most informed review I can. Now I drink a lot of tea and I am always n the lookout for new loose leaf teas to try, especially those that take steps to be more sustainable. With Shibui Teas, both the pyramid bags, tags and the plastic like wrapping(not actually plastic, but a biodegradable film) are compostable.

Sibui has quite a large range of teas for you to choose from and is priced at a very reasonable £4.95 for a tube of 15 pyramids. I found that each pyramid can be infused at least two to three times before it loses its flavour, that's 45 cups of tea for, so you definitely get great value for money.

You are sure to find a flavour that you like whether you are after English breakfast to something more exotic like Tropical Green and you can choose to buy it as loose tea or in Pyramid tea bags. Shibui even offer teaware and accessories such as mugs for you to enjoy their teas in.

The flavours sent to me were: Mulled Spice Organic, Tropical Green, Gingerbread, Matcha & Sencha Organic, Earl Grey, English Breakfast, Rooibos & Orange Organic, and Chocolate & Ginger.

English breakfast and the Earl Grey is a little more flavoursome than the more traditional teas but all the same a fine cup of tea, great for a bit of quiet time with a good book.

The Rooibos & Orange organic (Caffeine free) subtle but sweet, almost with what I can only describe as having hints of peach and citrus tones, slightly sweet but smokey in taste. Not exactly the kind of tea that I would normally drink, still a great tasting tea.

Each sip of the Chocolate & ginger (Caffeine free) tea is delicious but I would recommend leaving it to steep a little longer to get a stronger flavour. The smell of this tea reminds me of those chocolate coated orange wafer bars that you can buy here in the UK.

The Tropical green was a very fruity and almost zesty flavoured tea, I really enjoyed this one. Definitely a tea for those with a more sweet and exotic taste in teas.

The Matcha & Sencha Organic, very subtle earthy taste. I have to say I love the colour of this one and have been really curious as to try.

Mulled spice organic and the gingerbread and absolutely adored the taste of the Gingerbread (Caffeine free) tea smell like Christmas to me and I just want to sink deeper into each cup like a warm hug. These two tea flavours are by far my favourite.

You can check out their full range of teas for yourself here:

What's your favourite type of tea to enjoy?

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