Review: Shore Scottish Seaweed co, seaweed puffs

Updated: Sep 26, 2019

(This product was sent to me for review)

When you think seaweed, snacks aren't the first thing that comes to mind, maybe sushi but not snack food. Since I started living a more sustainable life, I have been on somewhat of a food adventure searching out amazing sustainable, healthy snacks and the Shore the Scottish Seaweed co may have just delivered one of the most delicious snacks I have ever tasted. Included inside the box is a beautiful 100% cotton tote bag that I will definitely be using for my next shopping trip.

These snacks are made from highly sustainable, clean and safe seaweed grows on the shores of Wick in Scotland. Seaweed is actually a superfood, packed with more minerals than almost any vegetable. It contains a unique source of key macro and micronutrients, antioxidants, electrolytes, vitamins and minerals, so your diet is easily boosted with protein, fibre, calcium, iron, iodine and vitamin C whenever you eat it.

Each bite-size puff is packed with flavour and the perfect amount of crunch. Seriously these snacks were crunchy and the flavours were incredibly delicious. The seaweed and added flavouring complimented each other so well.

The Lime, Chilli & Coconut had subtle hints of lime, coconut and chilli that worked so well together and produced a truly unique taste that I could not get enough of.

The Sea salt & balsamic is just like your favourite salt and vinegar crisp but they are a whole lot better in flavour, texture and goodness. The balsamic vinegar and sea salt were just enough so that you can taste it but not left feeling overwhelmed y the saltiness or left feeling thirsty.

The Sweet & Smoky was so good, even hubby loved the smell of these. The taste was even better, the perfect amount of smokiness while still having a subtle sweetness to them, I think these ones have to be my favourite closely followed by the Thai Chilli.

The Thai Chilli was scrumptious! I love my spicy food these Thai Chilli puffs are perfect, not too spicy but just enough so that it didn't overpower the beautiful taste of the seaweed. Out of all the flavours this one has to be my favourite.

Not only are these snacks delicious they are also Vegan-friendly, gluten-free, high in fibre, contain no preservatives, high in iodide and no GMO or transfats. Sustainable, incredibly tasty and healthy, what more could you possibly want from your snacks.

I enjoyed every single puff and will keep my eyes out for these in shops. So if you are looking for some uniquely delicious sustainable snacks, I highly recommend you check out the Shore Scottish Seaweed co snack range for yourself. I personally can't wait to see what other flavours Shore come out with and trying them.

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