Review: Shy and Mighty

Updated: Sep 26, 2019

(This product was sent to me for review)

With the days are getting colder and wetter after that long drawn out heatwave that hit the UK I am finding that I am leaning more toward wearing sweaters again that just a long sleeve shirt borrowed from hubby as I don't own any long sleeve shirts myself.

With having cleared out my wardrobe I didn't want to fill it back up with a lot of fast fashions items, I'm so done with fast fashions, that ain't ever coming back. So the hunt was on to find great sustainable brands to add to my wardrobe that's when I stumbled across the opportunity to review an item of Shy and Mighty's range.

Shy and Mighty offer a great range of clothing items all made from Organic cotton, printed right here in the UK, using low waste printing techniques in a facility powered by renewable energy and contain absolutely no animal-derived products, great huh?

It gets better, they offer not only jumpers, totes, dresses, tees for kids and they also offer a custom design service where you can upload your design, change the colors and make your clothing suit you, all this and delivered to your door.

I chose the Medium size Loose fit sweater in the colour light heather, with the design Furryious, cause what cat lover can say no to that gorgeous design being in his or her wardrobe, right?

When I received the sweater I half expected the design to be less vivid than I had seen online, you know how it is when ordering online, but I was amazed that the design was exactly like it was on the screen, vivid and beautiful.

The inside of the sweater is incredibly soft and comfortable, it keeps me warm on cold nights but it didn't make me all sweaty and gross or itchy like some fabrics tend to do, it was more like a warm hug and it fit perfect. The stitching has been done well, I have not seen any loose threads, from what I have seen and felt, this sweater is well made.

I know over time, threads will come loose through wear, colours will fade but honestly, this is one of the best items of clothing I have ever had and I am proud to have it in my wardrobe. Eventually, when your item of clothing from Shy and Mighty does reach the end of its lifecycle you can send it back and get £5 off your next item as part of a circular system, all items sent back are then recycled into new products thus reducing the amount of clothing that ends up in landfills.

Overall, my sweater priced at £35 is extremely well made, comfortable, great for the environment, offer a great range and the custom design service is amazing. Shy and Mighty is great value for money as I will get a great many years of wear out of this peice and I will definitely be getting more Shy and Mighty into my wardrobe in future.

Check out Shy and Mighty for yourself or design you own custom peice.

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