Review: XO Balm multipurpose balm

Updated: Sep 26, 2019

(This product was sent to me for review)

I have and have always had issues with dry skin, the last few years I have been more aware of what I put on my skin an in my body so I have been keeping my eye out for really great natural products that you can fit in your handbag to take on the go. When I got the chance to review XO Balms new natural, multipurpose balm I just jumped at the chance.

Priced at £12.50 a tin this cute button themed tin comes carries 45g of rich 100% natural balm and a cute little mirror on the inner lid, perfect for throwing in the handbag for a day out. I have been using the XO multipurpose balm for the past week before going to bed, now and I have to say it makes my skin feel full and hydrated. The balm itself is thick but after a few seconds in your hands, it softens really fast, ready to be used and comes with its own little spatula to scrape out small amounts at a time.

I have dabbed a small amount under my eyes and it has helped to reduce dark undereye lines quite a lot and helped to make my skin feel softer on my hands and legs, especially after shaving my legs and it is so soothing and helps to take away that feeling of dryness that we get with freshly shaved skin.

Now it does say you can use it for your face, lips, hands, feet, nails, scalp and hair as well and it does make my hair appear healthier but being as the balm is so thick it takes a while to work through. I would say if you want to use this for your hair and have long hair I would focus just on the roots of your hair but if you have shorter hair I'm sure you could work it through to the tips a lot more.

The scent is ever so subtle of the beeswax that is in the balm, packaged in a cute button themed tin, this 45g of balm will keep you going for a while, as they say, a little goes a long way and in this case its true, so when applying this balm use ever so small amount at a time so that you do not oversaturate your skin, hair and nails or you might be left with a slight oily feeling.

The XO Balm Company not only offers a beautiful and rich balm with cute as a button packaging, but they are supporters of the Oxfordshire charity Give Bees a Chance, whose work supports healthy bee populations to live and grow. Sustainability practices are an important part of the XO Balm business and it is reflected in even the small details like the shipping box of XO Balm, it is completely recyclable and the packing material is simply shredded waste paper.

I highly recommend taking a look at XO Balm and experience the truly nourishing effects for yourself.

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