Solid oak cabinets for £40... JOG ON!!

Some days you just wake up in really bad moods, then other days you wake up in a great mood until someone else ruins it for you. Well today for me is one of those days, I have been clearing out our house and it seems I'm not having the best of time trying to sell things on, me especially, as I have been having to deal with the ridiculousness of some people and their ability to try to take the absolute piss out of you when wanting to buy something.

Some people just expect everything for nothing or dam well close to it, it's insane. We are trying to sell on kitchen cabinets, amazing condition mind you, with solid oak fronted cabinet doors including:

2x larder cabinets 56cm wide x 195 cm high 2x Corner wall cabinets 60cm width x 60 cm high 4x wall cabinets 50 cm wide x 72cm high x 30 cm depth 1x large corner base cabinet 1x An oak wall hanging spice rack 1x small corner wall shelf

Here a pic of just some of the cabinets

These are all, very solid, very clean and ready to go, they are spare cabinets that we won't be using but have asked for £100 for the lot, no offers as that is already very cheap for what they are and the condition they are in. Now, this lady had the nerve to message me and said, "I will give you £40 for the lot as I have seen the same elsewhere for that price"... I bet you did... IN YOUR HEAD!!! I have looked around and there is no way in hell that you will get all the above, including solid oak door fronts and all the bits needed to attach to walls, all the legs etc for £40, she is having a laugh!

I don't know about you but people who try this shit both annoy and amuse me, especially when you ask them to show you where they can get it cheaper and they try to just argue with you instead. It's like I don't want to argue with you lady I just want to know where to get them cheaper so I can check them out myself, but they can never show you a proof.

What are your thoughts on people like this? Let me know in the comments below.

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