Stripping on the stairs

Updated: Sep 26, 2019

I have been working on renovating our house and the first room people see when they enter our house is our entryway and our entryway is very much in need of some TLC but I have been busy the last few weeks trying to give them just that. I have stripped all the carpet from the stairs and started stripping the glue from the stairs. though the glue is a lot harder to get off than the carpet was.

After the removal of the carpet which left me with some lovely grazed knuckles and a face full of dust I cleaned the stairs down, removed the poking up nails and then I painted the walls white, which has really brightened the room greatly. I still need to do a second coat of paint and then cut in on the edges, I am also in the process of getting a planer to help with the removal of some glue and helping to even out the floors and prepare them for staining. I want to stain the floors with a beautiful dark wood stain that will show the beauty of the wood but contrast nicely with the risers.

The risers have been painted once already a while ago but need another coat of which I will do after I sand the treads and stain them. I would also like to replace the stair rails with something a little more modern and to continue all the way down the stairs. I also feel like that the entryway is missing some decor and I would like to get a nice console table or upcycle one. I also need a shoe rack to house the many shoes that come into my house so that people don't track dirt and mud through the house.

I have a box of white 6-inch tiles that I may or may not use to re-tile the entryway or I might go for the mix of black and white tiles, the tiles that are currently there are chipped and faded. Also if you see there are two different types of skirting boards in the entryway and it looks incredibly odd so I think when we get some money we will have to replace the skirting to match. So far the work has been a little tedious and but it's coming along really good to get things done and as the money comes in we are really getting things done.

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