The gift of a good nights sleep

Updated: Sep 26, 2019

So it's almost Christmas now and all we want for Christmas is sleep, I don't just mean like a midday rest. I mean like a relaxing, comfortable deep sleep that leaves you feeling super restored the next morning ready to start a productive and full day.

Unfortunately these last few months our old mattress has been playing absolute havoc on hubby's and my backs, we literally wake up feeling more tired than we did going to bed and we ache a lot. I love sleeping but as soon as I wake up I almost instantly feel sore and achy so it prevents me from hitting that snooze button.

Just today I had to apply deep heat on hubby's back because he was so sore, then he went to bed with a hot water bottle. I myself and a Twitch Broadcaster and a good nights sleep is key to giving my audience the best show possible but as of late I have been unintentionally showing signs of how exhausted I have been... my viewers have even pointed it out to me when I didn't notice that I had yawned for like the 100th time during stream.

Just buy a new mattress I hear you say... well like most people will understand, money can be tight, especially around Christmas but for us its a lot tighter, we don't have kids it's true but due to hubby's long history of medical issues causing him to need extended time off work we have gotten behind on bills and such and are slowly but surely catching up but it makes it hard to be able to afford nice things.

Also, dare I mention how expensive new mattresses are these days, we barely have £20 a day to live on after paying all the bills and allocating money to pay off a bit of debt from when hubby had his kidney taken out in 200. A brand new quality mattress can cost anywhere between £200 to £1200 from what I have seen and that kind of money takes us ages to accumulate.

With any luck though this Christmas as a gift to ourselves, we will be getting a nice new, memory foam mattress from IKEA. I am really looking forward to having a great nights sleep and not waking up feeling sore and tired.

Are you a morning person or do you like to sleep in?

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