The great climate battle, 3 years left!

Updated: Sep 26, 2019

So I recently read an article that has started we have about 3 years left in the climate change battle or we will be next to impossible to fix it at all, a little bit dramatic but it gets the message across. With the rate that we have been destroying the environment. Already we have seen superstorms, extreme downpours, high-tide flooding, droughts, melting glaciers, ferocious wildfires and these will continue getting worse and more frequent, which begs the question, is this the future we want for our children.

There have been a number of organisations that have made great strides in curbing climate change as well as the advancement of environmentally friendly technology but despite the efforts of these groups, it is not going fast enough. The climate change battle needs to have far greater support if it is to have a serious impact, we need the governments to make climate change a top priority not one that is so far down the list it might as well not be on it.

We actually have the technology and know-how to make a great impact but it will take all of us and some government funding to make it happen. This is what I believe needs to happen to actually make a difference:

CLEAN TRANSPORTATION The government needs to subsidise electric cars to make them more affordable thus in turn, reduce the emissions from road traffic. A complete phase-out of all non-zero emissions cars more with a deadline needs to be enacted, dirty cars need to be left in the past.

CLEAN AND RENEWABLE ENERGY SYSTEMS A government subsidy for clean energy systems or offer a one per household deal to help speed up the clean energy movement thus getting rid of/phasing out unclean energy sources. Also, a higher tax or fine on companies that refuse to switch to cleaner energy sources as those who want to continue to destroy our planet should pay more to help fix it.

CLEAN OCEANS There are many organisations out there like The Ocean Cleanup doing their bit to clean up the ocean and they are doing fantastic but with a steady backing and if governments were to incentivise more clean ocean initiatives then we could clean our oceans faster.

Overfishing and unnecessary killing of marine life such as whales, dolphins and turtles have to stop, it is estimated that 40 million tons of fish from catches are discarded each year, that's insane. There must be more well-protected ocean reserves, less overfishing, harsher penalties for overfishing, like burning their boat kind of penalties!

Stopping hazardous deep-sea drilling for oil, for heaven's sake, it's 2018 we have proven alternatives for oil for instance like solar, wind energy, hydroelectric just to name a few so why are we still drilling for oil? Organisations like Sea Shepherd are at the forefront of this battle and if we can come together do these things then maybe the ocean can begin to heal. As the wise Captain Watson from the Sea Shepherd so eloquently states, “If the oceans die, we die.”

FORESTS End the needless destruction of our forests and fund more reforestation programs. So humans can be pretty smart and at the same time really stupid, there are so many sustainable and Eco-friendly alternatives to wood such as hemp, bamboo, wood composites, plastic wood, soy and cork and yet we keep cutting down mass areas of forests because we are selfish and we want wood. Whether it be for building or not we are destroying this planet's only way to filter the carbon dioxide out of our air and let us breathe clean fresh air and quite a few of us seem keen to just turn a blind eye.

LAND With the invention of vertical farming such as Zip Farms and more people growing their own food indoors and in the back gardens it should be encouraged that instead of clearing acres of land for food production we should be investing more in vertical space-saving agriculture so that instead of destroying our precious forests we can give it room to make a comeback.

The future is here grow up not out! It has also been documented that these new farming methods are better than the traditional methods of crop production, doesn't need soil, very little to no crop losses, labour costs are drastically reduced, low water usage, pesticide-free, herbicide-free, lower transport costs. So with so many positives in vertical farming why are we still clearing land for food production, why isn't the governments investing money in this? We want to move into the future no be stuck in the past so let's get this done, shall we!

What are some things that you believe will help make the future greener?

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