The Inexpensive 35 Item Survival List

Updated: Aug 24, 2019

If you have read my previous post the 35 item apocalypse survival list you may have noticed that most of the items on that list are probably really expensive and most of which are only more expensive because they are well known/popular brands or just because they have 'Survival' in the product name.

After reading back over that list I thought 'but what about those who can't afford such high priced products? To be quite honest I'm one of those people who couldn't afford the more expensive items, so I have devised a new list of Inexpensive items that almost every home is sure to have and if not can be bought pretty cheap.

Most of these items could be found around the house, at army disposal stores, charity shops, supermarkets. The trick is to not go for the big brand name items out there, just because it's more expensive or has a awesome color doesn't necessarily mean it's always going to be better, much in the same way that if someone is rich doesn't always make them a better person. Survival is more about using what you have around you to better your chances of not failing or in worst case scenario dying.

So here is my inexpensive 35 item survival list

(Anything marked with YT is something you can find tutorials of how to make on Youtube)

  1. Sleeping bag

  2. Tent

  3. Backpack

  4. Hiking Boots/Sneakers

  5. Jacket

  6. Bleach (Disinfectant)

  7. Five Days Of Comfortable Clothing including socks

  8. First Aid Kit (individual items for a kit can be purchased cheap from a chemist/supermarket)

  9. Water Bottle

  10. Water Purification Tablets

  11. Water Filter or Bucket Water Filter (YT)

  12. Camping Stove/Utensils/Bowls (Tin cans can be reused as camping stoves (YT)

  13. Hot Pockets/Tin food

  14. Seeds (Can be found at most hardware/gardening stores)

  15. Matches or Lighter (Seal in a ziplock bag to keep dry)

  16. Sunglasses

  17. Bandanna/Scarf & Gloves (Bandana can also be used for slings)

  18. Compass

  19. Multi-Tool

  20. Sewing Kit

  21. Flashlight

  22. Knife Set

  23. Cord Bracelet (You can buy rolls of paracord and make your own for the fraction of the price)

  24. Binoculars

  25. Bobby Pins (can be fashioned into fishing hooks)

  26. Two-way Radio with Headphones

  27. MP3 Player

  28. Signaling Mirror (Powder compact with mirror would work)

  29. Tarpaulin (Can be used for insulation, rain poncho, makeshift shelter, ground cover, suspended hammock, wrapping fresh game, a water collection system

  30. Tactical Vest (Army disposals store)

  31. Gas Mask (Army disposals store)

  32. DIY Survival Long Bow (YT)

  33. Axe (Can be found at most hardware stores)

  34. Dryer lint (Tinder, firestarter)

  35. Chapstick/carmex (fire extender when applied to lint, cut sealer when applied to cuts)

What would be on your Apocalypse Survival List? Let me in the comments below

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