The truth about getting older

Updated: Sep 14, 2019

When you are young, you just want to be grown up and when you are grown up you just want to be young again. You used to think that growing up meant you could live your own life, not have to follow your parent's rules, go where ever you want. The people you know now, you think you will never be apart from, we even make plans as kids to grow old with our besties or have a perfect life. The truth is when we are young it's so easy to believe all that because we think that life will be like the movies we watch, we see life as simple, we don't see all the choices that will be ahead of us. Growing up you will lose touch with friends, life will be hard, you will like new things and have a whole new world of rules to follow. I sometimes look back to compare the things that I used to enjoy the things I now enjoy and wonder how did my world change so much. Rules & Responsibilities Being grown up means making mature decisions and following new rules. Rules that when broken come with far greater penalties than being told off by our parents. We also have to be responsible not only for ourselves but the things we do. Our responsibilities go from making our bed in the morning to some if not all of the following:

  • Going to work

  • Paying the rent

  • Paying tax

  • Paying medical bills

  • Paying for the kids schooling

  • Paying for further education

  • Doing the groceries

  • Feeding our pets

  • Cleaning the house

  • Cleaning the car

  • Looking after the kids

These are just to name a few. Sometimes I stop and think 'life was so much easier as a kid' and sure it was when you are a kid you just don't realize how much effort goes into looking after a person and the things around us. I couldn't wait to grow up, I just wanted to be my own person, live my own life but now there are things I miss from when I was young. Change As you grow up your life will become more complicated, things will change, you will have so much more you need to attend to and occasionally you will find you just don't have time to call in on old friends and eventually you will lose touch with them. Almost everyone has someone they don't or haven't talk to in a while. After I finished school a lot of my friends were either getting married, starting a family or moving away. It was kind of intimidating that I was the only one of my friends at the time not doing anything big with my life and that my old friends didn't have time to just hang out. It's so easy to lose touch with people especially when you don't live close by, you can't just stop in for a coffee. I have some old high school friends on my Facebook that I used to talk to but don't use Facebook much, a few of them I haven't spoken to in over seven years. I didn't realize how much time had really gone by but it seems like it was only last year that we were hanging out around our spot in the schoolyard talking about what we were going to be doing with our lives and now we are strangers. It's as if we had never met in the first place. I wouldn't be able to even send them a message it would feel just like talking to a stranger all over again, what would I say 'Hey I know it's been over seven years, want to chat LOL. Things change when growing up, you may or may not want to start a family, get married, venture into a new career or many other things that will occupy the hours in the day. As we get older our interests mature and change based on the things around us that influence and our choices. There will be days where you stop and think about all the people that you used to hang out with, the things that you used to do as a kid, things like the way you dressed, favourite musicians, cartoons, movies etc. Some of the things we want as adults can be viewed as stupid or childish and more seriously frowned upon as something that we just shouldn't do or like as an adult. There is so much pressure on young people to fit in that it carries weight and follows us into adulthood in the form of personal insecurities, self-esteem issues, and even depression. I don't get why someone should like or not like something or be someone they are not to be able to feel appreciated or liked. To me, it is sad because people are hiding their true selves to keep others happy when they shouldn't have to. As humans, we live for an average of 80 years or thereabouts, are people really going to spend most of that wasting away, hiding just to make others happy? Who will remember you if you are like someone else? Be an individual, be yourself. To me, the secret to having a happy life is learning to accept yourself and not letting other people make you feel ashamed of who you are or what you enjoy. If there is something you enjoy and it's not hurting anyone then don't let anyone stop you. When I was younger I liked watching Disney movies, my favourite being lion king, I cried in that movie so many times. I dressed very casual almost what some would consider boyish, I was not a huge fan of pink frilly dresses like some of the other girls and I liked video games. As an adult I still watch Disney movies, dress the way I want, play video games and now I collect Ty plushies and cute foxes, I am obsessed with foxes and anything with foxes on it. I don't take notice of people who may diss me and tell me they think I'm childish for liking things that I like or that I don't fit into some well defined social group, it's what I like, it's not hurting anyone and I will do it because it makes me happy.

Is there something that you still enjoy your childhood? Tell me about it in the comments below

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