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Top 3 Vegan & Vegetarian Food Brands You Need To Try

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If you guys don’t know this yet, although I have spoken about it before on my Twitter and Instagram, I’m a vegetarian and have been for around 10 years! I’m not yet vegan, but I do try to make small changes wherever I can. Hopefully, when I leave university I can make the effort to finally become a full vegan! I’ve tried it a few times, but unfortunately, I’m a sucker for a good ole’ cheesy takeaway pizza… Oops, my bad! Either way, I still try my best to find the best vegan/vegetarian food brands out there.

So, let’s cut to the chase. Today, I thought I’d talk you guys through my top 5 veggie/vegan brands. Like I said, having been vegetarian for 10 or so years I definitely have enough experience to let you guys in on the BEST brands out there for your veggie/vegan food. My mum is a vegetarian too, so she brings home loads of random food for us to try, which is fab! So, without further ado, here are my top 3 vegan/vegetarian food brands out there on the market, just waiting for you to give them a go! 📷


Ok, so if you know anything about vegan/vegetarian food brands, you’ll probably know that Quorn is the best of the best (in my opinion, anyway). Quorn does some incredible veggie food and it’s the brand me and my mum have been buying from for years. My dad even loves Quorn and he’s not vegetarian, so you know it must be fab!

You can buy Quorn from any supermarket as far as I’m aware, like Tesco, Asda, Aldi, Sainsbury’s etc, so it’s super easy to get your hands on. The standard Quorn food that everyone knows about is the chicken pieces, the chicken fillets, the sausages and the mince, which are nice but definitely not as good as their other food that not many non-vegetarians seem to have tried!

Some of my favourite food from Quorn is the breaded chicken fillets, the southern fried burgers, the fish fillets and the Quorn nuggets. They have vegetarian dippers/nuggets and some vegan nuggets too, which are both different as the vegan ones are breaded. If you’re struggling to find Any Quorn you like the taste of or just some yummy, cool & creative recipes, you can buy a recipe book here that will tell you all you need to know to create a fab veggie/vegan meal!

Linda Mccartney

Linda Mccartney is definitely my second favourite vegan/vegetarian food brand! Just like Quorn, it is sold in a lot of Supermarkets I’m pretty sure, so it should be super easy to get hold of. It’s thankfully not expensive either, so it won’t break the bank thankfully!

The famous Linda Mccartney sausages are incredible and definitely not to be underestimated! They’re pretty healthy too as far as I know. If I ate meat, I think I’d still eat these sausages over real ones are they’re genuinely sooo much nicer.

Some of my fave Linda Mccartney food is the sausages, of course, the pulled pork burgers (my no1 fave), the sausage rolls and the pies. The pies are the best with gravy on a cold Sunday – sooo warm and cosy!


From my personal experience, not many people talk about or know about Fry’s, which is a shame as their food is some of the best out there. The price is a little bit more than Quorn and Linda Mccartney, so my mum buys these to treat us when she’s feeling extra daring…

Some of my favourite Fry’s food is the nuggets, chicken burgers and the chicken-style strips. As far as I’m aware, Fry’s is a little less readily available than Quorn and Linda Mccartney. I know for sure it’s often sold in Holland & Barrett (Where I usually buy it from) and Sainsbury’s, as well as online as Ocado!

Have you tried any of these 3 vegan/vegetarian brands?! Which are your faves? Let me know down below. I’d love to be introduced to your fave veggie/vegan brands too. 📷 Thank you so much to https://www.minifoxychicky.com/ for allowing me to guest post this over on her wonderful blog!

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