Top ten games to play this Halloween

Updated: Sep 26, 2019

It’s Halloween, the time of year when everyone is looking to watch the best horror movies and play the scariest video games. With so many years of great horror games, where do you start? Whether you're after a casual first-person shooter, a stealth survival, psychological horror or an intensely face paced horror game there is certainly a game to keep you on your toes this Halloween. For those looking, I have assembled a playlist of 10 games with scares that I really suggest you play this Halloween.

  1. Alien Isolation - Horror, Adventure, Action, Survival, Stealth, Singleplayer

  2. Soma - Horror, Adventure, Survival, Singleplayer, Indie

  3. Outlast - Horror, Survival, Singleplayer, stealth

  4. DOOM - Horror, First person shooter

  5. F.E.A.R - FPS, Horror, Survival, Multiplayer, singleplayer

  6. Layers of Fear - Horror, Single player, Indie

  7. Fran Bow - Adventure, Single player, Indie

  8. Amnesia: The Dark Descent - Horror, Survival, Singleplayer, Indie

  9. Killing floor - Horror, FPS, TPS, Survival, Multiplayer, Indie

  10. Dead Frontier 2 - Horror, Action, Multiplayer, RPG, Indie

I bid you all a fantastic Halloween and may you bare witness to much candy and many spoops!

What horror games will you be playing to get your scares this Halloween?

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