Travel Wales: A day out in Caernarfon

Updated: Aug 24, 2019

First thing in the morning we were getting ready to catch the bus to Caernarfon, we don't drive you to see. I don't mind the bus, yeah it may not smell or look like your beautiful car but you see some interesting people board the bus that makes you wonder, what their story? Not only is the bus service a way to get to your destination but a chance to view the countryside as you are driven to your destination, also you can have a nap at the back before you arrive where you want to be. I like to nap against the window at the back especially when it's an early bus ride and your not a morning person like myself who just need those extra few minutes sleep.

Once we arrived Allen and I took a walk around the outside of Caernarfon Castle, we didn't go inside as it was a fairly cloudy and wet day so we thought we would leave the inside until a better sunnier day. Just the outside of the castle is outstanding.

After I finished snapping pics like a crazy tourist whilst completing our walk around the entire outskirts of the castle we headed down a cobblestone street and were struck by the scents coming from a small little corner shop that stood out from the end of the street, painted a vibrant red. Cleopatra's Secret, located at 39A High Street Caernarfon.

Before entering something caught my eye, it was a gorgeous blue sheer scarf with foxes on it, now if you know me you will know that I absolutely love foxes so naturally, I had to have it. upon walking into the store I was bedazzled with shelves filled with scented bath bombs, perfumes, candles and essential oils along with so much more, This store is a treasure trove for those who love a good pampering. After my little splurge which I only actually spent £13 so I was really chuffed with my purchases for the day. I bought a stone oil burner, some essential oil beads, and my scarf now its time we had some lunch since my rush to get to the bus on time I forgot to have any breakfast. Don't do that, breakfast is important and you don't want to be walking around all day with a rumbly tummy. I must have had a thing for the color red that day cause not far down the road was a bright red fronted building that was Spinnakers. I took one glance at the building and the amazing view of the castle standing at the edge of the squarer and decided that is where I was going to get myself a burger. Let me just say you haven't had a good burger until you have had one there. I had a chicken burger and unlike other takeaway restaurants I have been to in the past they know how to make a good burger. The chicken was cooked to perfection, the slices of bell pepper, cucumbers, lettuce were so fresh and plentiful... om nom... The staff was really friendly and the views over the square, seeing the castle standing there at the very edge of the square in all its splendor. Next time we go to Caernarfon I will definitely be getting myself another chicken burger there. Caernarfon is so rich with history and beauty, just the sheer size of Caernarfon Castle is amazing and I haven't even been inside yet. Parts of the original castle wall still that surrounded the town are still standing today, you really need to see it in order to get the full experience. There is so much to do here, so many amazing shops tucked away in the side streets, parks, gardens and activities that I have yet to see, I will definitely have to come back again.

Have you been to Caernarfon, whats your favorite thing about this place?

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