Twitch: numbers are not everything

Updated: Sep 26, 2019

So let me start off by saying, I love Twitch, the fun, the games the people. Lately, though I have been seeing more and more people focused on how many people they are getting rather than enjoying the stream and it shows so much when they stream. Streaming is meant to be fun, and yes some people do it for their career and that is great but we all started with it being something we did for fun and then if we put in the time and effort it can become a career but it should never stop being fun first.

Numbers are great but when that is all you concentrate on you start to overlook the important things like each one of those numbers you see is a person, a person that comes to your channel to interact with you and be entertained and become a part of your community. Sure you can't respond to everyone and most viewers will understand that especially if you are a bigger streamer but when they see that you are not having fun and it is obvious when you are not even if you don't see it yourself they will begin to lose interest.

The only thing worrying about numbers all the time will do is stress you out and affect your viewer's enjoyment of your stream. I have seen many streamers suffer from stress and burnout from streaming so much trying to get the numbers that it is no longer fun for them and they can't see themselves getting back into doing it again.

It is also important to find a balance between your personal life and Twitch life so that you can make time to do things that you want to do outside of Twitch as well like hang out with friends, order takeout, watch that football game with the boys. Don't let your streaming consume your entire life, make time for you! Everyone's schedule will be different, I have had to play around with my schedule multiple times to find the right balance for myself so I made time to spend time with hubby, watch some Netflix, make sure we eat properly, go for walks when it is sunny, get all the housework done, have some me-time relaxing or doing some yoga, then I stream. When streaming becomes all work and no play or no time for self it can leave you feeling worn out and put you in a foul mood and nobody wants that.

Also, another thing if you are in a bad mood or irritated whether due to personal life issues or you just feel tired then please allow yourself a day off, don't feel like your viewers are going to hate you for taking a day to relax, they will understand. The last thing you want to do is begin a stream in a bad mood, the only thing that will do is get worse as viewers will see it as plain as day and some will even try to bait you into getting mad, so seriously take a breather.

What is your view on Twitch streaming?

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