Twitch: Stream tools 2016

Updated: Aug 24, 2019

The tools I use for my streaming and what I use them for & why

Ankhbot: commands, channel bot/moderator, rules, mini games, currency & tracking sound effects, chat moderation, channel dashboard, follow/host/raid tracking, music & song requests, giveaways.

Reason: Of all the bots and programs I have tried to help with my channel I have found Ankhbot the most reliable and easy to use. It can do almost everything you will ever need for your channel and it responds quickly.

With Ankhbot I found it is faster to do things like change titles, ban or purge chat, set up mini games, adding commands & so much more... the point being the response time between stream and Ankhbot is awesome, it is alot faster than having to open a browser every time you need something done.

You can even create a mod/bot to help deliver your will unto the channel. I have 8 mods in my channel but sometimes there are days where even they need a day off... that whole having a life thing... blah!

With Ankhbot your guaranteed to have a mod in channel to program to your will and keep your channel free from trolls and command at hand. So now you see why I use Ankhbot and will never change... I am an Ankhbro for life, oh and its free!

Strexm: overlays, follow & host alerts

Reason: Your probably wondering why I don't use an overlay that I created myself... have you ever heard that artists can be judgmental of their own work, well I am. I make stream overlay packs for people based on what they want for their channel and they are pretty awesome but when it came to my own I could never decide on what I wanted so it never got finished.

When people come to me they ask for something that is personalized to them and their desired look for their channel, all the bells and whistles included.

I decided to leave out the extras for my own channel, going for something quick and simple since I was so undecided. Strexm have a lot of really quick, simple and easy to use overlays with matching alerts and some of them are free too.

G2A/GamingForGood: donations, donation alerts, channel goals (followers & donation) is

Reason: I love G2A/G4G (GamingForGood) its simple, easy to use and rewarding. I have tried a few other donation programs and didn't find them to work as good as this one plus the added guarantee you wont get stuck with fees when people decide they want their donation back is a huge plus since I don't have a lot of money to begin with.

G4G is donation system that gives you the option to be more personal with your audience via TTV (Text to voice) messages accompanying donations but also there is an option for on stream vid calls with viewers. I don't use this feature but I think its cool.

I am also a big charity person and I like that G4G is partnered with Save The Children in that when I receive donations I can set how much of that goes to charity for as long as I leave the option active, very awesome for those who want to do something great for charity but figure out how to go about it.

OBS: Streaming & implementation of the above.

Reason: I have tried other options but always had so many issues and found setup to be somewhat a task in some programs others were just too expensive for my budget. OBS is simple, free and easy to use for anyone looking at getting into streaming.

Implementing all the things I need like cam, game capture, overlays, scenes etc is really simple and it can be so easy to change things up if you needed to. In all honesty OBS is really reliable and I recommend it as a streaming program for anyone looking at getting into streaming or already streaming.

These are my streaming tools and why I choose to use them. Are you a streamer? What tools do you use?

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