Update: Sustainable changes and me

Since I started being more sustainable I have been keeping track of all the changes that I have made in my life and our home. If you had asked me around five years ago if I would have been this committed to being sustainable I probably would have procrastinated and said that it would be too hard but in reality, it is actually quite easy.

1. Swap out plastic bags for reusable shopping bags. I leave my reusable bags in the kitchen, in plain sight so when I'm writing up my list before going shopping I am sure to grab take the bags with me.

2. Switched to an organic, sustainable toilet service that delivers in bulk. After getting a bulk box from GreeneCane I won't buy in small quantities again. Not only does it feel like better quality toilet paper, but I have also saved a fair bit of money, I haven't had to buy toilet roll for almost a month and I still have a lot left, at least for another month easy.

3. Switched from Colgate toothpaste to organic toothpaste tablets, review coming soon! Not only does it last a lot longer it also stops me from using too much every time I brush.

4. I no longer buy any clothes from high street brands, in fact, all the clothes in my wardrobe with the exception of two or three pieces are from charity shops. If I do buy new peices I am committed to only buy from brands known for their sustainable practices.

5. I am working on upgrading my indoor kitchen garden so that I can grow more of my own food, looking for a good indoor hydroponics system to save space and produce more produce efficiently so that I don't have to buy so much food from stores, especially since the local shops seem to keep on wrapping everything in plastic, making it so hard to be a sustainable shopper in my town.

6. I got my kitchen from a free site rather than buying new, I am going to be making my own countertops and currently looking for a 15" x 17" sink to fit our kitchen.

What sustainable changes have you made in your life?

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