Update: We are getting a kitchen

Updated: Oct 22, 2019

What you see in the pictures below is a full solid oak kitchen with original brass hardware, pantry cupboards and doors. It is a complete kitchen barring a worktop and sink. It was only with the utmost stroke of luck that we found this kitchen online being given away for free.

After contacting the owners it happened that it was listed for free by mistake and is worth quite a bit of money but we were made an offer by lovely the owners, Margaret and Alwen, they saw the desperation in our faces. They told us if we gave them £250 we could have it all, they even threw ina really new Hotpoint dishwasher for £100, that is a deal we couldn't turn down, so with the money we got from donations towards the kitchen goal I had set on stream we gave them the money and sealed the deal with a handshake. I am incredibly grateful to this lovely couple for helping to pull us out of our kitchen nightmare.

Now we are organising the collection and delivery of the cupboards to our flat this week. I can't express enough how dam excited I am. Now, all we need is to find a kitchen sink and worktop, which we are going to have to start putting away for as we are going to be scrapping pennies together for a little bit after this large but very necessary purchase.

It has been so long since we had a working kitchen I feel like if we didn't get this I would have surely lost my mind... it has been so frustrating not being able to properly cook, prepare meals or store things away, especially as someone who loves cooking. It has been a real struggle and drains on my sanity waking up to the nightmare of a kitchen below every day and not knowing when the nightmare would end and not having a lot of money to do anything about it.

Stay tuned for more updates.

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