Washing life, soap, scrub and repeat

Updated: Sep 26, 2019

A little while ago, we were evacuated from our homes due to a fire on the hill behind our house, I posted on Instagram about this. Thankfully we are OK and the fire was put out but the very next day our washer/dryer gave up on us... what bad luck. Even worse we don't have the money to buy a new one, what with needing to finish the kitchen, paying off bills, we just can't afford it.

So how do you get your washing clean you ask, simple we go full on pioneer and clean all our clothes with some hot water and elbow grease, I am seriously thinking about getting a washboard to help out with this. A day of washing for us is no longer through the clothes into a washing machine, add wash powder and set it to go, for us, we have been soaping and scrubbing every single item of clothing that needs to be washed then ring it all out by hand. Once sufficiently drained of water, we hang the clothes on our makeshift clotheslines around the house, which is literally pieces of hessian cord that we have strung up as temporary clotheslines.

The first few weeks were rough on my hands, I had blisters and rubbed skin off, the worst bit of washing clothes by hand is that if you don't rinse the clothes enough or the weather has been really cold our clothes don't dry properly and then we have wash most of it all over again because it stank... real bad style, this has happened a few times and it is dam near infuriating.

These past few months I have learnt to value the hard work that goes into washing clothes by hand and I have a new found respect for those who choose to live their lives without the influence of technology even that of a simple washer/dryer, something that the rest of us take for granted. Though it is more sustainable to wash by hand I definitely feel like I couldn't keep washing by hand forever, honestly, I want a washer/dryer again.

A good point of not having a washing machine, while I was washing all our clothing I noticed a lot of items that we wear simply because there was nothing else at the time, but I feel like there is a lot of items that we could get rid of from our wardrobes thus reducing the number of loads we would need to do and also make us more conscious of the clothes that we wear and how much energy we consume. Until then I will continue the tedious task of washing by hand and scraping a few knuckles along the way.

Do you think you could live without a washer/dryer? What is a piece of technology you couldn't live without.

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