Ways to make your home more inviting

Updated: Sep 26, 2019

For most of us, our home is a place when we feel the most comfortable and happy. There are loads of ways to really get the best out of every room in your home and most of them are so easy to do. I wanted to give you some ideas on how I love to make my home feel much cosier. CLEAN There is nothing more inviting than entering a clean, beautiful smelling home so do a quick clean each day so things don't pile up and making you stress about having to do a big clean all in one day. It can get hectic when you get those last-minute notifications letting you know that your friends will be over in 10 minutes and your house is a huge mess. I'd suggest doing 30 mins of cleaning each day so that way you only have to do some little things if you have surprise visits. Less stress for you and less mess for your visitors. Also when cleaning, avoid harsh chemical cleaners and opt for more natural cleaners, nothing is more uninviting than a house that smells like chemicals. I also like to light a stick of incense at one end of my home and open the windows to allow for fresh air and also it helps to carry the incense through the home. PLANTS Nothing makes a room more cosy than plants, having plants around your home is really very beneficial for your health as well. They purify the air and if you live near the busy road they can help to reduce the noise. If you lack a green thumb then don't worry there are plants out there for you that are able to survive a little neglect. Some plants you may want to look at for example are Philodendron, a tropical-looking houseplant that comes in many different colours, shapes and sizes. Jade plant, also called the money plant is a cute little succulent that doesn't ask for a lot of maintenance. Then there is the bamboo palm, a hardy drought-resistant. Plants are excellent because you can fill the empty spaces with them and give any room a green vibe. ORGANISE Having unorganized shelves and living spaces just don’t look or feel right. It doesn’t matter if it’s your kitchen, bedroom, living room or bathroom one. A trick to make a place loom more inviting is to make space feel clean and clutter-free, so take the time to put things away, clear benchtops of any unused appliances. A great way to hide those things that you don't have a place for is to put them away in storage boxes out of sight and keep all those little things in there. ADD ART Got boxes of photos that you don't have a place for? Why not make a photo wall, decided how big you want it, pick your favourite photos and add some gorgeous frames. You don't have to just hang photos you a frame practically anything, art, photos and flowers and if you don't feel that artsy you can always search for some printable art on Pinterest to download and frame. I personally love having some framed buddha quotes in my home, having various quotes on your walls can really help to make you feel motivated every time you see them.

How do you make your home more inviting?

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