Week 1 - Review: Just Smile London Activated Charcoal

Updated: Aug 24, 2019

Just Smile London Activated Charcoal I was originally sceptical about whether charcoal would get rid of those annoying coffee stains we get on our teeth after drinking about five cups a day. I have tried those regular tooth whitening toothpaste but have yet to find one that shows any results. When Just Smile approached me to try this product I was a little sceptical but had heard a lot of great things about the applications of activated charcoal so I was eager to give it a go I'm not saying a that you should stop using your regular toothpaste as this product is only intending as a teeth whitening solution though I would like to try a healthier toothpaste. You can grab a tub of Activated charcoal form Just Smile UK's store for £12.99. The first time I used this product I totally underestimate how much I should use and was little rally dripping black goo everywhere. The activated charcoal is a great product, a little bit goes a very long way, it doesn't have any horrid taste or easy to clean, lightweight come is a small simple container easy to put into a bag to go away for a weekend. The only downside which isn't a downside real as its more fun well at least I thought so was that if when using this product you will look like you walked off the set of the newest Exorcism movie if you smile. I enjoy making faces when brushing my teeth with this stuff. Firstly I want to say that other people's experiences with this product may differ from mine. The product itself felt great and really did leave my teeth feeling cleaner. It will take a few uses before you notice any major Whitening though. For £12.99 it' great value as the tiniest amount really does go a long way. If you are looking for a healthier whitening solution I recommend you give this one a go it may surprise you. Ready to try this product for yourself? Use the code FOXY10 at Just Smile UK

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