Week 11 - Yoga and me

Updated: Aug 24, 2019

The first few weeks of trying to do yoga was like being a clumsy cat trying to find balance on a beach ball rolling down a hill. Well maybe not that bad but it was not too awesome either but yoga has taught me one thing that I cant give up. I have actually found that my flexibility is really improving, well coming back to me I should say. I used to be really flexible when I was younger but then I got stuck in the less active teenage phase that most teens go through before reaching adulthood then realizing I want that perfect looking body and now I have to work for it. Just a side not perfect inst a real thing by the way... that's called Photoshop.

I don't attend any classes that I have to pay for nor any free ones as either way I couldn't afford to go to them, the classes I could afford would cost me just as much as the ones I couldn't afford just in transport costs rather than class costs because all the classes seem to be really far away. That's ok though I find that the privacy of my own home suites me best anyway, I have always been more of a self teacher anyway.

In terms of yoga gear I actually don't have any, I make do with what I have, which is space once I spend 10 minutes moving enough stuff out of the living room so I can move around. Then I set a towel on the living room floor and get the iPad set up playing some ambient music while I do my basic stretches before loading up a yoga class of my choice to watch and go along with.

Two of my favorite yoga channels on YouTube are 'Yoga with Adriene' and 'Laruga Yoga'. If your just staring out then I highly suggest you start with Adriene as she has a lot of beginner classes that you can watch and go along with to get you started. You never want to go straight into the more advanced stuff as you may end up injuring your self, so start small and work at your own pace.

What first got me wanting to do yoga was me wanting to eat healthier and live healthier. A major part of being healthy is exercise and I have never been able to really get into sports and such but things like running and yoga really appealed to me. I had been following Laruga yoga's channel for quiet some time and when I started my 52 weeks healthier challenge I really think Laruga was part of the inspiration for me kick starting my yoga journey.

Just to give you a little inspiration of your own here is an amazing video from Laruga Yoga's channel for you to watch.

As I continue my yoga journey I will be looking at getting some proper gear to start my own little yoga gym at home as well as looking for some yoga wear to suite my needs. Right now I haven't gone out and invested money in proper yoga apparel as I just feel it is a little too pricey compared to me just wearing my comfy tights and baggy tank tops.

I want to eventually get to the stage where I am confident enough in my yoga capabilities that I can feel comfortable sharing my yoga experiences with you guys via making videos and being able to answers questions for anyone else who is just starting out.

Do you yoga? What tips advice or brands do you recommend for a beginner?

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