Week 13 - 21 Things I will never do

Updated: Aug 24, 2019

Life is too short to waste time trying to be like everyone else, just because someone else is doing something cool doesn't mean you have to. I think that if you want to do something you should and if you don't then that is your choice, you shouldn't be made to feel like an outcast just because you don't want to do something.

One time when I was about 15, I was at a family outing at a hover-boat thing, I said that I didn't want to ride on the hover-boats but because of this my aunt yelled at me, she told me I wasn't apart of the family that I was a 'piece of shit', then I was made to wait in the car until they were ready to go home. I felt so humiliated, so just crappy about myself. She was never a nice person but that day has to be at the top of the list for shitty things she has done. NEVER should anyone ever have to feel like I did that day.

Each of us is our own unique person and so we will naturally like certain things, there is so many things I want to do and I already know what I will never do.So today I am going to share my things I will never do with you and next week I will share with you my bucket list of things I want to do.

21 Things I Will Never Do
  1. Intentionally hurt someone I care about

  2. Jump out of an airplane (Terrified of heights)

  3. Go bungee jumping. Reason Above ^

  4. Hot air balloons. Reason Above ^

  5. Para sailing. Reason Above ^

  6. Roller coaster. Hate them

  7. Wrestle with a crocodile

  8. Work in any kind of slaughter house

  9. Work in a chicken processing plant

  10. Compromise my beliefs. Have done it way too much in the past, never again!

  11. Make everyone else more important than myself. We are equally important.

  12. Buy a meal worth over £100, yeah no thanks I will go do a weeks worth of shopping and cook my own dam meal for that much.

  13. Be rude to a police officer. Most of the time they are just doing their job.

  14. I really don’t know how people do it. Just the thought of it makes me not want to eat meat.

  15. Tongue, nose pierced or nipple pierced Way too many allergies and nose issues to even contemplate.

  16. Face tattoo. Never put one on my face.

  17. Smoke cigarettes. My mother and a lot of my family smoked I just think that it's a gross habit.

  18. Illegal drugs. It’s just stupid.

  19. Hunt. Nope, I would be a vegetarian for sure if I had to kill my own food.

  20. Swim in a lake. watch too many horror movies to try that one.

  21. Hitch Hike. Again too many horror movies, It never ended well for the hitch hiker

Whats one thing you will never do?

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