Week 2 - Health diary

Updated: Aug 24, 2019

So I have got to the end of the week and I have made a huge stride towards eating healthier. I have really been loving the Kallo bread sticks as a replacement to my old usual of Doritos and gummy bears though I would love to find a healthy gummy bear as nothing compares to the soft squishy feeling of gummies between your teeth.

Each morning I have been doing some stretches before breakfast or after. I find that I feel more relaxed throughout the day I don't know whether that is to do with my eating or the morning stretches but I look forward to future weeks to come.

I have yet to make more improvements and have noticed an increase in to my weekly shopping bill, it's not a huge difference but our average shop for the week is just under £60 but this week with all the healthy changes it was £87.


Break: Toast & orange juice

Lunch: Boiled sweet potatoes

Dinner: Grilled vegan cheese toast

Snacks: -

Drinks: 2x 1ltr Volvic water


Break: 2x bananas

Lunch: Tesco's tinned chicken tikka

Dinner: Lamb steak and rice

Snacks: Ritz crackers

Drinks: Innocent strawberry banana smoothie


Break: 3x bananas

Lunch: Vegan spring rolls

Dinner: Lamb & cucumber wrap

Snacks: Vanilla ice cream & mixed berries

Drinks: 1ltr Volvic water


Break: Kallo Grissini bread sticks & houmous dip

Lunch: Cucumber salad wrap

Dinner: 2x chicken burgers & sweet potato fries

Snacks: ice cream & mixed berries

Drinks: 3x coffee & 1x 1ltr Volvic water


Break: Fresh berries & toast

Lunch: Cucumber salad & vegan cheese

Dinner: Sweet potato fries & grilled fish

Snacks: -

Drinks: 2x coffee & water


Break: coffee & Kallo Grissini bread sticks w/ houmous dip

Lunch: Boiled potatoes & vegetables

Dinner: Grilled fish & sweet potato fries

Snacks: -

Drinks: 3x coffee & 1x 1ltr Volvic water


Break: coffee & toast

Lunch: Boiled sweet potato, rice & vegetables

Dinner: 15x mini sausage rolls

Snacks: -

Drinks: 1x coffee & orange juice

WEIGHT: 130.0lbs

OXY: 97%

HEART: 72bpm

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