Week 2 - Mid week update

Updated: Aug 24, 2019

This week I decided to take a look at clothing, specifically the Mount Everest of clothes that are sitting in the bedroom because we ran out of wardrobe space. Now I ain't lying when I say that a majority of these clothes are hubby's and what's worse is that when going through it all I am thinking dam hubby has a way better sense of style than me. I am the type of person who chooses clothes because they are practical, I prefer boots over heels and tank tops over a frilly blouse.

Now at this point let me just tell you we had already taken four bags of clothes to our local charity shop to help clear out some space and it just feels like magically it was all put back when I wasn't looking.

With that crazy thought in mind I have decided that the only way to cull the clothes to a point where the wardrobe was throwing clothes at me when I opened the door was to set my self limits on things like so:

The rule of Seven (7) per person

7 comfy pants (wear around the house only)

7 casual pants

7 t shirts

7 long sleeve

7 jumpers

7 formal pants

7 formal shirts

I am hoping that by doing this we will finally be able to fit all our clothes in the wardrobe so that when we get our new storage systems we have picked out for the bedroom which I am super excited about. I am hoping we won't have a problem fitting everything, that and the fact that hubby is never able to find anything without throwing clothes all over the bedroom looking for the shirt or the pants he really wanted at the time.

*pics to come soon, dam iPad won't let me upload pics... Grrr

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