Week 2 - Review: Catit Senses Food Maze

Updated: Aug 24, 2019

Catit Senses Food Maze

Now I know what your thinking 'how does this product fit into he 52 weeks challenge' well it's quiet simple for me being healthy isn't just about looking after myself but also those around me, my family, my two kitties are family and I must ensure they too are healthy so let's begin.

I didn't get food maze brand new but rather second hand in new condition, I had to try it out. The Catit Senses Maze is a product designed to prevent your cat from overeating and to keep their minds active during feed time as cats are naturally curious creatures and need to explore. You can grab one of these food mazes yourself from the Catit senses Amazon store. The prices for the mazes start at £10.99 for the one you are seeing in this review.

Due to our fur babies overeating when it came to dry biscuits we found that a food maze was the perfect alternative to a bowl of biscuits that we use to leave out for them. Now Midnight and Zorro only eat what they need rather than eating until they are almost bursting. I know that sometimes overeating is a sign of serious health issues but in this case it's not, our babies get checked on a regular basis by our local vet and they are perfectly healthy they just like to eat.


The Catit Senses Food Maze is an amazing product, easy to clean, lightweight and increases our cats interaction at meal time. They both seems to really enjoy knocking the biscuits down each level into the bottom bowl where they feed from though occasionally I will catch Zorro standing on her back two feet feeding from the top level. The intake of the biscuits has decreased to a more suitable level for our cats so it has worked well for what we needed.

The downsides to the design of this maze is that the space between the bottom level of the tower and the bowl doesn't allow for too much space for a large cats to feed from the bowl, Midnight is one of these cats with an large furry noggin. The rubber mat has warped a little and doesn't sit right under the maze now and also the maze can be easily knocked over.


I really like the Catit senses food maze and definitely think that it's worth the cost, though if you don't mind spending an extra £5 I would recommend an upgrade to the new and more improved version of the catit senses 2.0 Food Tree with a narrower top opening and a wider base for more stability. If that all sounds great to you then what are you waiting for, go spoil your little fur baby now.

Do you have a favorite product from the Catit range?

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