Week 20 - Period hell and relief

Updated: Aug 24, 2019

​When its that time of the month for a woman it can be anything from a pleasant experience to somewhat of a few days of hell. For myself, my period usually last between 5-7 days on average with the first day or two being the absolute worst. The first day or two I get the worst bouts of pain almost crippling to the point where I don't want to or just can't bring myself to get out of bed. Most of the first day or two I find myself curling up into a ball on the couch or in bed and having hubby make me a hot water bottle to relieve the pain. Some periods have been so bad that I have found myself not wanting to eat more than a few slices of toast as I tend to lose my appetite when I first get my period and some days the cramps are so bad that I feel physically sick. Some people have told me to try exercise but I can barely get out of bed to feed myself let alone have the motivation to exercise. After these first two days though my appetite returns and the rest of the flow is much more pleasant, just getting through those first two days feels like an absolute hurdle. I have tried a lot of things to help me but have only found a few things that work for me without having to resort to things like paracetamol and other painkillers. The things I find that help me to get over the hurdle of period pain are: After fixing myself a hot water bottle I will make or ask hubby to make me a hot water bottle. Though this may be a great help I only ever use for short periods at a time as overuse of a hot water bottle can lead to hot water bottle rash. A nice hot cup of chamomile tea, I find chamomile really helps to be calm, I also drink plenty of water to keep me feeling hydrated. Tampons VS Pads So I have tried a lot of period products to help with my period and found some products that I would swear by and others that I just will not ever try again. I tried tampons but have always felt really uncomfortable inserting them and haven't been able to find a tampon that I didn't go the whole day noticing the feeling of it being there despite the fact that the brand advertised that it would so comfortable that it would be like nothing was there at all. Tampons are supposed to allow you to do more such as go swimming, parachuting but who the hell wants to do that when they are in pain anyway? Tampons do not make the pain go away. Pads for me were a lot more comfortable, were a lot easier to change and there is no risk of TSS ( Toxic Shock Syndrome).

Have any tips to help with period pains to share? Leave them in the comments below.

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