Week 3 - Health diary

Updated: Aug 24, 2019

Week 3 and feeling great, a little stiff from my morning exercises and making myself walk more whenever it's sunny out. We went for a really long walk this week up a steep hill track... Feel the burn! I really enjoyed it though, and somethings else I am enjoying is the variety in my new diet. I am finding it easier as a I go to keep to healthy food. There are moments where I want to give in to something but then I remind myself why I don't need it.

I have also noticed a my skin and hair is looking and feeling a lot healthier this week, I feel hydrated and ready to go. I am happy that I am no longer drinking high sugar energy drinks though will need to find a healthy energy drink for those days that I do 24HR streams on twitch.


Break: 2x bananas

Lunch: Cheese & spinach pasta

Dinner: McCain's Peri Peri chips

Snacks: -

Drinks: 3x tea & 1x 50cl volvic mineral water


Break: 2x bananas & toast

Lunch: Cucumber & cheese crackers

Dinner: Tesco's vegetable curry

Snacks: Mixed berries

Drinks: 3x tea, 2x 50cl Volvic mineral water


Break: 2x bananas

Lunch: Vegetable rolls

Dinner: grilled chicken w/ garlic

Snacks: -

Drinks: 3x tea & 1x 1ltr Volvic water


Break: toast

Lunch: chicken noodle soup

Dinner: baked onion rings + sweet potato chips

Snacks: -

Drinks: 3x coffee & 1x 1ltr volvic water


Break: Go Ahead yogurt breaks

Lunch: vegetable curry puffs

Dinner: 15x mini spring rolls

Snacks: -

Drinks: 2x coffee & water


Break: coffee & toast

Lunch: baked onion rings

Dinner: Tesco's vegetable curry

Snacks: -

Drinks: 3x coffee & 2x tea


Break: coffee & toast


Dinner: baked chicken

Snacks: plain crisps

Drinks: 1x coffee, 1x tea & 1x 1ltr Volvic water

WEIGHT: 131.0lbs

OXY: 99%

HEART: 68bpm

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