Week 3 - Review: Pets At Home wood pellet non clumping cat litter

Updated: Aug 24, 2019

Pets At Home wood pellet non clumping cat litter

Normally we would get smaller bags of chalk cat litter but we got this by accident, we really our friends did but couldn't take it back so they gave it to us to use which is awesome because I was actually looking for some less chalky cat litter. This product is available from Pets At Home stores across UK and costs £9 for this 30kg bag

Cat litter duty is a chore as it is and no one likes cleaning it but we do what we must for our fur babies. What made it worse was that we were using the chalky Tesco's cat litter and chalk dust would get everywhere and I'm sure it wasn't good to breathe that crap in for me or for our cats. There had been multiple times that I had had to remove nits of chalk from near our cats eyes, chalk dust can cause a list of problems such as skin, eye and respiratory irritation, yes it's cheap but not worthy cost of my kitties well being. I needed a healthy and sustainable solution to the chalk based cat litter and the wood pellets seem to fit my needs.

Pets At Home wood pellet non clumping cat litter is made from sustainable

wood, Eco-friendly and is 100% biodegradable. This is such a good product compared to the chalk cat litter we used to use, not only is the price great, the wood pellets are easier to clean up, it doesn't clump and stick to the tray when the cats urinate in it… Ugh that is annoying! There is no more dust clouds when changing out the litter and the cats seem to really like this litter more. We have not had an problems with them getting any near their eyes with this litter. Another great thing about this product is that it has helped to hugely reduce the smell of the cat tray area. This price for this product is great considering the quantity and quality.

The downside to the design of Pets At Home wood pellet non clumping cat litter is thatcher pellets go to sawdust when used and the cats may track a little bit around on their paws every now and again. Also this cat litter doesn't appear to some in any size other than the 30kg bag, not a huge problem but can be quite heavy.

I really like Pets At Home wood pellet non clumping cat litter, I can honestly say that I won't be going back to chalk litter again after this product. I highly recommend it to other cat owners as a more sustainable and easy to clean alternative to chalk cat litter.

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