Week 31 - Eco-friendly ways to keep warm

Updated: Sep 14, 2019

With the days getting colder it may be tempting to turn the heater on but not everyone can afford to the heater on all the time and some of us want a greener way to keep warm. Well here are some great ideas worth investing in, they might also save you some cash in the long run:

Seal up any gaps around windows and doors to prevent cold getting in. It may cost you a few pounds to buy some sealant but it's is so worth it, after doing the gaps around my house, being that it is quite and old building I have noticed quite a difference in temperature since doing so.

Seal off colder more unused rooms by closing doors and invest in draft stoppers to put behind doors to prevent cold air getting into rooms you want to keep warm.

Rugs will also help, if you like in a second floor apartment or have wooden floors your may notice drafts coming up through the floor boards, rugs will help to keep the drafts out and your feet warm.

While watching TV on the couch snuggle under a blanket, body heat will get trapped under the blanket keeping you warm.

Hot water bottles are a great alternatives to heaters, you just fill it up and it's ready to go, just be careful not to use them too much as overuse of hot water bottles can lead to hot water bottle burns.

Windows really can bring the cold into your home so insulate your room from that cold. Invest in some thick curtains to insulate your rooms from the cold outside.

Wear a jumper or second pair of socks, I know wearing two pairs of socks sounds weird but growing up I used to do it all the time. Not only is it warm but its super comfy. I love to snuggle up on the couch in my favorite woolly jumper and socks.

Invest in a 13 Tog or higher duvet to have on your bed, now its getting colder you need to keep warm not only in and around the house but also when you are sleeping. We have recently purchased one and it is so ridiculously comfy and warm, I highly recommend getting one.

All of these are great ideas fro keeping warm without having to burn heaps of energy. Not only are your keeping warm but your are saving the environment at the same time, now that's a win.

What are your tips for keeping warm in the Winter months?

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