Week 36 - Review: Pure pet food

Updated: Aug 24, 2019

(This Product was sent to me for review)

The very idea of feeding or cats raw food was not new to me but one that I was unsure that our cats Midnight and Zorro would take to as they are super fussy eaters. Since I was on a journey to eat healthier and try new things, I thought why shouldn't my cats also be given the option to try new things too.

My two girls were ready and waiting for me to finish taking pics so they could try their new food.

Pure pet foods is a raw food that has been freeze dried to preserve the fresh ingredients in each of the recipes. At the present time, there are only two recipes available in the cat's range, Surf & Turf, and Whisker Licking chicken. When it came to meal time I first tried them on the Whisker Licking Chicken, which they seemed hesitant about but after a few nibbles got stuck into. I rather think they preferred the Surf and Turf more though as there was no hesitation in starting to gobble down the food that was before them. This could just be because my cats are super fussy though. I really like the idea that these meals are as simple as just add water and it's done. When I added the warm water as it says to do so on the back of the pack, there is a slight smell to the food, but it is quite pleasant compared to the smell of regular branded cat food. The packaging is very simple though I must say that the plastic packaging within the box itself seems a little excessive for the amount of product it contains. The box itself has a clearly visible feeding guide and the recommendations for first time raw feeders which I think is fantastic. Pure foods are noted to last in dry form for up to 12 months, at first glance the foods appear to be a powdery mixture with a reasonable amount of chunks of meat in each bag. Though a 200g box will cost you £11.99 when re-hydrated the total weight of the food will work out to be around 800g. This product is competitively priced compared to big name brands. This product is great for people with busy lives or those who are looking to switch to raw feeding but not quite sure where to start. Like us, our pets need good food and nutrition too and don't worry Pure Pet Foods also do a dog food range too. I am really happy with this product and believe that Pure is a high-quality product that I would be happy to purchase again once my supply runs out. I am actually quite tempted to now go and purchase their cat treats that they have in their store too.

Want to check out the pure range yourself? Here is the link to their store: https://purepetfood.co.uk/

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