Week 4 - Health diary

Updated: Aug 24, 2019

Week 4 and I don't feel bad when turning away food now, yeah I was like OMG I would kill for a cheese burger but I actually feel good when I say no and get something a little healthier. I think that being healthier is also helping me to not only have a healthy body but also a healthy mind and I feel great about myself too.

The first two weeks of eating healthier there were temptations but now I feel like I could quite happily turn away a free Big Mac or Zinger Burger if I was offered one. I have also been steering away from frying my foods and turning toward grilling and baking on a perforated tray.

Also I have noticed that I have been feeling less hungry for snacks between meals and thus resulted in me eating less snack food over the past few weeks.

I have been purposely selecting vegan food over the things I would normally want and so far have only found one type of vegan food I can safety say I wasn't too keen on because of the rather odd taste that I just couldn't swallow, this was the Micro-protein vegan chicken.


Break: Go Ahead fab forest fruits yogurt breaks

Lunch: Maggi curry flavored noodles

Dinner: 15 mini sausage rolls

Snacks: -

Drinks: 3x tea, 1 x coffee



Lunch: Grilled micro-protein chicken

Dinner: Coop Indian curry selection

Snacks: Propercorn lightly sea salted

Drinks: 5x tea 1x coffee



Lunch: Maggi Curry flavored noodles

Dinner: Vegetable party food selection

Snacks: -

Drinks: 3x 50cl Volvic mineral water, 3x coffee


Break: Go Ahead crispy slices fab forest fruit

Lunch: Baked onion rings

Dinner: Vegetable spring rolls

Snacks: Propercorn sweet coconut and vanilla

Drinks: 1x tea, 4x coffee


Break: Toast

Lunch: Cheese & spinach pasta

Dinner: Tesco's Vegetable curry

Snacks: Tuc cheese crackers

Drinks: 2x tea, 3x coffee


Break: Go Ahead crispy slices fab forest fruit

Lunch: 4x Plums

Dinner: Grilled Fish Steak

Snacks: -

Drinks: 5x coffee


Break: Onken mango & papaya Yogurt

Lunch: -

Dinner: Grilled red Jamaican jerk and peppercorn chicken (made by hubby, was so yummy)

Snacks: -

Drinks: 1x 1tr Volvic water, 2x coffee, 1x Innocent Juice Green Machine.

WEIGHT: 131.1lbs

OXY: 99%

HEART: 70bpm

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