Week 4 - Review: EasySMX QY19 Wireless Bluetooth Sports Earphones

Updated: Aug 24, 2019

(This Product was sent to me for review)

EasySMX QY19 Wireless Bluetooth Sports Earphones

I had needed a new pair of earphones as the only ones I owned was a big bulky corded set that just gets in the way and is more of an annoyance when trying to do things that involve a lot of moving around.

With the 52 weeks challenged I have been getting more active and couldn't afford to have a large cable or heavy weight on my head and definitely could wear the big bulky set outs, there earphones are just what I need for the many weeks to come. A set of these earphones will cost you £9.99 as of this post they are currently marked down from £21.99.


The EasySMX Running headset is by far one of the best headsets I have owned to date, the reasons for this are that not only does the battery life last a long time on these compared to other headsets I have owned, the range you can go from your device before it cuts out is quite far and also they are incredibly comfortable and lightweight with interchangeable tips to suite your ear. I have been enjoying using these over the past week while not only walking around, but also when I'm doing my house work and I just want to listen to some music. The sound quality is great and you can change up the volume from the headset, the volume can go pretty loud for those of us who like to rock out to the vacuuming. The are incredibly easy to charge and come with a small charge cable in tow.

The connection to devices is easy and takes a matter of seconds so you can get connected and go.


Probably one of the best headsets I own, would definitely recommend them to anyone looking for a good quality earphones for any activity whether listening to music while running or cleaning. Such a great price for a very good quality headset.

Check them out on their Amazon store HERE!

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