Week 41 - It's just my hair

Updated: Sep 14, 2019

So if you have been following me on Instagram or Twitter you might have seen the posts with the unusual hashtag #headshave and are probably left wondering what that is about or if I am just going crazy. Well, I can tell you I am not going crazy, but I am going to shave my head... in time. Recently hubby and I have been going through a tough time with money due to some health problems hubby has had resulting in him not being able to work and leaving us needing to scrounge around for extra money to keep our bills paid. Due to hubby's recent encounter with testicular cancer he has had to have a fair bit of time off work, thankfully he is now clear of cancer but it these events have really taken a bite out of our income and we find ourselves a fair bit behind on bills and such so we started brainstorming. That's when it hit me, I will do a live stream where I shave my head, so we set the goal at £1000 so that we could get our bills paid and have a little left over to actually live and even put some back into the community in the form of giveaways and gift subscriptions. The hair that is shaven off will be donated to a cancer charity to make wigs and such for people who have lost their hair due to illnesses and cancer since cancer is a cause that is very close to both of us. What am I expecting to get from this crazy endeavor? I am expecting to have our bills caught up enough so that hubby and I aren't left living on £10 a day between us like we are at the current time. It really is harder than it sounds and I am getting pretty tired of rice with every meal. I think that the whole experience will be liberating and rewarding as I have always wanted to do something big for those who have suffered at the same time hubby and I will get a fair amount of our bills paid off leaving us a little more open to doing more for charity like we wish we could. All my life I have been so protective of my hair only ever cutting it myself since very young as one time maybe when I was about 12 I got a haircut from my grandmother that resembled something of a bowl cut which was rather humiliating for a young girl. I am very picky about who I let do anything to my hair and rarely ever get it cut if ever but I have to say honestly I am really looking forward to reaching the goal so I can shave it all off, it's rather exciting. If I had to pick a person to say that I hope that I look as cool as her when I have a shaved head I would say Charlie Theron in Mad Max as she just looks bad ass. I'd like to imagine that Furiosa is the kind of person who is confident and wouldn't put up with people endlessly telling her how she should wear her hair, what products she should or shouldn't be using. I believe getting it shaved will take a huge load off my shoulders, no longer will I have to spend so much time styling it, buying heaps of shampoo because there is so much hair. It's just hair and it will grow back but I will get to try new things when it does also it give me an excuse to wear my beanies I have been getting really into. How to support the goal you ask, whether you can spare a few dollars or can share the stream, either way, is just as awesome as it all helps spread the word and help us reach the end result.

Would you like to help us reach the £1000 goal? You can view or share the stream HERE, but if you would like to donate you can do so HERE. Any support given is greatly appreciated.

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