Week 49 - Review: Organyc pads & panty liners

Updated: Sep 14, 2019

(This Product was sent to me for review) This month I was contacted by Rebecca from Pravera, the company stocks a large range of Organyc cotton feminine care products. I was sent a few boxes to try out and I have to say I am really surprised at the difference I experienced when using these products to my regular ones, so much so that I will be making a permanent change. Feminine hygiene is something that all women need to take seriously. The non-organic feminine care products contain parabens, synthetic ingredients, perfumes and super absorbent polymers. Most tampons are bleached with chlorine which leads to toxic byproduct called dioxin which is linked to cancer as it is a known carcinogen and endometriosis so you really don't want them near your lady parts. Organyc's products are 100% Certified Organic Cotton, vegan, Chlorine free, Hypoallergenic, not tested on animals, biodegradable and soil association certified from. The products sent to me from Pravera arrived just after the start of my most recent period so I had the chance to put them to the test straight away. First thing I noticed was the incredibly smooth and luxurious feel or the wrapping, then the softness of the pad itself when applying it to my panties. After about an hour I had a 20-second panic as I had actually forgotten that I had a pad on because it felt like there was nothing there it is so incredibly comfortable. I tried some from each box as I was sent a box of Heavy flow night, Moderate flow pads, and light flow panty-liners. They all performed so well, there was no leakages, no messes and stayed in place the whole time. The last four days of my period were... pleasant, I didn't experience any irritation of the skin around the panty line of my inner leg that I usually get with other products and they didn't leave any adhesive residue behind on my underpants when removing, they were easy to change. I rather enjoyed this period as it was hassle free and more comfortable so I will be making a permanent switch to Organyc products from now. For any ladies out there looking to have a more natural, hassle-free period I highly recommend checking out Organyc products and making a change.

Thank you Rebecca for sending these amazing products to me, you have helped me take yet another step to a better more organic life. If you want to check out their range yourself head over to their site: https://www.pravera.co.uk/organyc

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