Week 6 - Health diary

Updated: Aug 24, 2019

This week has been eventful with a 24HR Twitch stream to plan and run to celebrate an amazing Twitch goal. I have had a really great week despite it having a large effect on my eating the last few days of the week. I have consumed an fair quantity of alcohol on the date of the celebration over a reasonable amount of time as so to not encourage or participate in excessive and possible dangerous drinking.

The event was a success though the stream was labeled a 'DRUNK Stream' I only achieved the status of 'TIPSY' but still had a lot of fun and met some amazing new people.

Other than this one day of celebration I have not had a drink for a rather reasonable amount of time. Before the date of the event I made sure that I ate properly but I did not get around to eating breakfast some mornings as once I got out of bed I was busy getting things ready for the end of weeks stream, working on the blog and keeping the house running.

The end of the stream came around leaving me feeling exhausted and I know that my body is well overdue its rest and I plan to make sure that I give my body the proper nutrition and care that it deserves now that this busy week is over.



Lunch: Vegetable spring rolls

Dinner: Linda McCartney's Vegetarian Cheese & Leek Plaits

Snacks: -

Drinks: 2x tea 3 x coffee


Break: Egg & mayonnaise in multigrain wraps

Lunch: Chicken burgers & rice

Dinner: Linda McCartney's Vegetarian Sausages


Drinks: 5x coffee 2x tea



Lunch: Egg & mayonnaise sandwiches

Dinner: Tesco's Canned Vegetable Curry

Snacks: -

Drinks: 2x 50cl Volvic mineral water 2x tea



Lunch: Scrambled eggs & bacon

Dinner: Mini Pizza

Snacks: Haribos gummies

Drinks: 3x tea 2 x Volvic mineral water



Lunch: Boiled eggs & mixed veg

Dinner: Mini Pizza

Snacks: -

Drinks: 3x coffee 2 x 50cl Volvic mineral water



Lunch: Linda McCartney's Vegetarian Sausages in bread

Dinner: Mini Pizza

Snacks: -

Drinks: 5x coffee 1x 50cl Volvic mineral water


Break: Toast

Lunch: Tuna & Chicken noodle soup

Dinner: 15x Mini sausage rolls

Snacks: -

Drinks: 4x coffee 3x tea, approx. 15x shots of Captain Morgan(over a period of 24hrs)

WEIGHT: 131.3lbs

OXY: 99%

HEART: 79bpm

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