Week 8 - Going bra-less

Updated: Aug 24, 2019

That's right NO-Bra, I wear no bra at least most of the time being that I do wear wireless sports bras if I'm working out or going for a vigorous walk or run. Growing up I was made to feel like it was wrong not wearing a bra in public, that the appearance of the nipple silhouette through my top or jumper was socially inappropriate but now I couldn't care less. Wearing a bra shouldn't be something that is seen as a social norm and women shouldn't be made to feel awkward for not wearing one, it should be be their choice and theirs alone.

From my personal experience, just trying to get the right bra to fit me was a constant struggle, bras even those I had fitted to me by a professional left me struggling with back aches, red marks, tangled straps, immature people thinking it was funny bra snapping me, hair and clothing getting caught in the clips or the clips just falling off, I couldn't wait to take it off at the end of the day.

Other than the sports bra my boobs are free from the restraints of bras, were told that bras benefit out boobs, reduce backaches and improve posture but from where I am sitting since not wearing a bra for weeks now I actually feel like my posture has improved, backaches have decreased along with the red marks and all the hassle of putting one on then taking it off everyday.

Not only do I feel my boobs and nipples are more perky but I have saved crap tonne of money since a good bra can cost anywhere between £15 to £100 pounds depending on how luxurious you want to appear for that few minutes that you stand in the mirror looking at yourself in your undies or those few second that they are on before being removed for a naughty romp with the other half if they can figure out how to get the clip undone... how's it done again?

In the end I feel a lot more relaxed and carefree not being in 'Boob Prison'. So here ends my little 'say so' about why I choose not to wear a bra #NoBra

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