What frustrates me about blogging

Updated: Sep 26, 2019

Blogging is one of my passions, in a way it has really helped me to open up about who I am and to put myself out there and overcome my self-confidence issues and for the foreseeable future, I can see myself doing it for a very long time. Though being a blogger is not just writing a post and hitting publish its's also managing your social media, growing a community and building something that is completely your own but it isn't all sunshine and roses sometimes it can be frustrating as hell to be a blogger.

Constant Follows, Unfollow, Refollowing, mainly on Twitter and Instagram and as a blogger social media is one of the greatest tools to put ourselves out there and grow a community around our work. I love returning follows with other bloggers to share our communities but sometimes after following another blogger, not even a day later I see they have unfollowed me. This right here is super irritating, because of this I no longer get excited when I get a new follower, now I just assume it's going to be another unfollow in a few days.

I have a rule now that if someone Follows, Unfollows then Refollows me twice they get blocked. Sorry... not sorry! Clearly, you're not really interested in my content or sharing communities to help us both grow you just wanted to leech off me when its convenient for you in the hopes that you will gain some new followers...

Unrelated or spammy comments, especially those that make no sense and contain links to sites totally not related to the post that they are left on. I also get a lot of comments on Instagram to instant millionaire sites or sites for buying followers, it really annoys me as I get so excited to read comments on my content then when I open the app find that it's just spammy crap... it's so frustrating!

People trying to sell me, followers and subscribers, yeah sorry not all of us want to buy our way to success. Some of us believe it or not, actually believe in putting in the hard work and building our community ourselves rather than rely on fake followers to make it look appealing to real people. I get so many people, adding me so that they can DM me offers to buy followers for my blog and social media accounts.

Pitches from companies that have absolutely no detail, make no sense and assume that you will just do what they want. I have had a few emails that started with 'Review this...' followed by a link, a time they wanted it to be completed by and wrapped in the 'Sincerely (Company name)'.

If you want something reviewed, tell me who you are, ask me if I would like to review your product and provide me with some information about it so that I can find out if your product is right for my blog and audience. Don't just assume that I will do it because I am a blogger.

Also if you want something reviewed don't try to pitch to me in a DM on one of my social media accounts, please be professional and use the email provided in my bio on all of my social media accounts for this reason. Once you find the that, then please do forward me all the information that I will need to make a decision. Sending me a DM with your company name and a 'Hey do you want to be an ambassador' or 'review our product' is not a great way to appeal to me or make me want to work with you, especially if I have never heard of your company.

What is something that really gets under your skin about blogging or being a blogger?

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