Where On Earth Is Foxy?

Updated: Aug 24, 2019

The slate can be seen in a lot of the older buildings, the sculptures that have been erected in the center of town and in the engraved markers embedded into the footpaths. Each marker engraved with Welsh words, a beautiful language of which I am still trying grasp.

So high up we live that the clouds and the mountains meet ever so often, the days can go from clear to foggy and cool ever so fast. There is hardly a day where it doesn't rain here but I love the rain, the smell, the feeling of the cool mountain air around me, each drop of rain on my skin is so refreshing. Sometimes I just want to run out in the street and stand in the rain even for just a few minutes just to soak it all in. The sound of the rains falling, each drop hitting the leaves on its way down to the ground, it is so mesmerizing, I could lose track of time just sitting and listening to the rain falling.

When summer comes around again, my town is quite a popular place to be, with activities ranging from hiking, tours, sightseeing, mountain biking to the newest tourist activities Zip World Titan, Velocity, Caverns, Llechwedd Slate Tours and so much more. I can tell you that I have hiked a few of the surrounding mountains and it was totally worth it, the views over the town, the dam, the whole valley, its incredible, but I have so much more to see.

Talking about seeing things, Bounce Below is a must see, I have only ever been there once and it was more fun that I could have ever imagined, it made me feel like a little kid again. I am hoping that I will one day have time and money to go on the underground slate mine tours as I love history and learning more about the places I call home. I can't see myself going on the Zip lines as my fear of heights is not quite gone enough for that. I can feel the hair stand up on the back of my neck each time I see the people leave that platform they launch from. Gliding on cables that can be as high as 72 feet from the ground with a speed of 40mph... yeah I'm good having both feet on the ground thanks.

Growing up I have always known that I wanted to live in the country. I feel more connected with the world than I do when I am in a city, every trip to the city I just feel so out of place. Rarely do I see any smiles on the faces that rush by in the city street, rarely does anyone have any time for friendly chatter or even to help out with directions for that matter. The people in Wales are friendly, hardworking, down to earth and content with a simple life. I can walk down the street and be greeted with a smile and small chat with the locals. No matter where I go or my age Wales will always have a special place in my heart.

Our house though almost in the center of town is up against the face of a mountain. After the rains the water trickles down the surface of the rock and onto the patio below. Trees grow down the mountain face and weeds spring up from with within all the cracks. The parts of the rock face that aren't covered in dense patches of moss or weeds exposes the different colors of the mountain marbling together. It is just gorgeous, especially when the colors become darker as the rain touches the cold surface.

After the rains pass the sound of birds can be heard and sometimes the meows of a friendly cat that likes to sit on a slab of slate in our patio as the golden rays of light would shine through the clouds, these such rays light up the countryside creating the most breathtaking views. Not far out of town I almost feel like I have entered a new world, no longer do I see slate covered mountains but roads bordered by stacked slate walls, vast forests of trees as far as the eyes can see, then patch worked hills of farmland with sheep dotted across the fields with their young.

During winter, it can snow quite heavily, blanketing all that was once visible. I love when it snows, it gives us a chance to just be carefree, stay inside and enjoy each other's company without having to worry about bills or needing to run errands. I can just curl up on the couch in my leggings, two pairs of socks and favorite woolly jumper, watching DVDs with hubby and drinking hot chocolate. Last snowfall it was crisp and cold outdoors, the snow was a clean, white and ready to be destroyed by the kids that dared brave the cold to build snowmen in the streets, have snowball fights or just to carve paths in the snow.

I couldn't imagine living in the city, I have never been one for the fast pace of city life. In the cities, the population and space is far too crowded for me to enjoy pleasures like those in the country, it can be suffocating. Though where I live is a quiet country town and there is no big chain stores, nightclubs or huge cinemas, this is my home and I am content here. The rolling hills, clean air and wide open spaces all surpass that of city life.

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