Why I like having routine

Updated: Sep 26, 2019

Time can really get away from you if you let it, I know I have been there before, planned something then before you know it the time has passed and you put it on the back burner for another day. I believe that everyone should have routine, why you ask. If you take the time to form a routine then you can get things done more efficiently and leave you feeling empowered, confident and good about yourself knowing that you are committed to the tasks that you have set out for yourself. I like having a routine because not only do I get everything was done that needs doing but it helps to free up so much time that I never knew I had, then I can use this time for me. Forming habits is a good way to adhere to your routine, take myself, for instance, I used to never like making my bed in the mornings but I started making it the first thing I did every morning, now I just do it out of habit. If you repeat something enough it becomes ingrained in the mind as a habit, something you need to do. There are many reasons that we don't stick to our habits, it could be because: Habit is too hard. You don’t like doing it. Overwhelmed by too many habits at once. Changes in routine due to sickness, travel, visitors, work. You talk yourself out of doing it, rather than just getting it done. You get discouraged after missing a day or a few days. The trick is to not take too much on at once when starting to form a routine begin with a few things that you need doing then gradually add more jobs and activities to it that way you won't feel overwhelmed. I have also found that having gentle reminders from my phone has also helped me to stay on track with my habits. There are a few areas that I still need to work on such as my streaming as of late I have been falling off schedule. It is important to remember that routines don't have to be permanent, you should swap and change it around as best to suit you. My routine is as follows: 7:00 am Wake up Make bed Make some tea Breakfast Review blog and emails Time for some Twitch lurking! 8:00 am Put a load of washing on Clean out cat food bowls and feed kitties Washing and drying any dishes that need doing Tie off any bins and take rubbish downstairs Fold and put away washing 9:00 am Vacuum floors (Every second day) Go grocery shopping if needed Relax

10:00 am Me time (Netflix, tea and chill) 11:00 pm My lunchtime 11:30 pm Work on the blog Write emails Browse Twitter and Instagram 12:00 pm Me time (Netflix, tea and chill) Meditation 6:00pm Me time (Netflix, tea and chill)

Make myself some dinner 7:00 pm Get hubby up for work Stream starts 12:00 am End stream Yoga Brush teeth, wash face 1:00am Go to bed Now there are times when I don't get it all done or have days where I feel a little undermotivated but when I get it all done I feel so good about myself. Don't be bummed out if you don't get it all done it a day, it takes time and adjustment to get used to a routine and eventually you will make your routine work for you.

Whats some things you do to help you stick to your routine?

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