Zorro's health and diagnosis.

These past few weeks have been so scary for us, last Saturday Zorro stopped going to the bathroom or eating and drinking, then she was sick, throwing up, at first we thought it may be a hairball but upon closer inspection, it looked like bile. Her throwing up got more frequent throughout the day so we booked her into an emergency vet appointment for the following day. The vet appointment cost £50 just for the visit, the vet examined her and said that she couldn't find anything wrong with her from a visual inspection other than some plaque on her teeth. We were told that if she was still being sick to bring her back the next day and they would do an x-ray, blood test and get her on an IV, which we ended up having to do.

Later that day the vets called letting us know we could come to collect Zorro, they said that after the blood test, they could see that Zorro was very dehydrated, probably from not drinking and throwing up so much the night before. From the Xrays, as they ended up having to do two, they said it appeared as though Zorro had some backup of faeces and said she would pass it at home where it would be less stressful. Also that she had a little plaque on her teeth and would need to have a little work done on her teeth, with this news Zorro was sent home with us, with the instructions to try to get her to drink and eat, that if she hadn't pooped and was throwing up by the weekend that she should be brought back in for further tests.

It came round to Sunday and Zorro still hadn't pooped, she did pee once when she got home from the last vet visit, had a handful of biscuits, and started drinking a little bit of water one her own but we were concerned it still wasn't enough. Sunday night she started being sick again so we booked her in for Monday morning, when we got to the vets they informed us they wanted to repeat the same tests and take a closer look at her teeth. That afternoon we were informed she was again dehydrated which was expected, they also let us know that they had discovered the cause of Zoro's problems which was that she had a dental disease called Feline odontoclastic resorptive lesion syndrome or FORLS and the discomfort was the reason she wasn't eating or drinking.

Feline odontoclastic resorptive lesion syndrome, which appears as erosions of the surface of the teeth at the gingival border. It is a progressive disease, usually starting with the loss of cementum and dentin and leading to penetration of the pulp cavity. Resorption continues up the dentinal tubules into the tooth crown. The enamel is also resorbed or undermined to the point of tooth fracture. Resorbed cementum and dentin is replaced with bone-like tissue. This can be painful and cause lesions and abscesses in the gums as well as accompanying problems such as anorexia, dehydration, weight loss, and tooth fractures.

The treatment for this is to remove the teeth and from what we have been told Zorro will need to have up to 80% of her teeth removed. So far as I am writing this post she has had the first lot of teeth removed, the teeth that had abscessed and had lesions. Though she will need to go back in three weeks to have more removed. What this means for Zorro is that she will no longer be able to eat her favourite cat treat biscuits instead she will only be able to have a wet food diet as she won't have the teeth to she the biscuits also she is going to be the most stylish cat ever for a while with her two shaved legs and neck. All these vet visits plus the treatment that Zorro has and will be going through has really struck a blow to our financial situation, as in total will cost close to £600 if no other problems arise that is.

For now though with the first lot of teeth gone and her being home she definitely seems a lot healthier and happier, she ate on her own, did a huge stinky poop and has been purring and sleeping and cuddling non-stop. She will have to be on antibiotics and painkillers for a bit but she is doing well. I'm hopeful that we can get this all done and sorted and paid off so both Zorro, hubby and I can be happy, healthy and less stressed together, but for now as I sign off, after writing this update I'm going to curl up in bed with our little fur babies and get some much-needed sleep.

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