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Subscribing to the channel not only supports me in my dream of full time streaming but comes with all these awesome benefits listed here.

Tier 1 Subscription - £4.99 / Month

  • Directly Support Minifoxychicky

  • Sub Badge

  • Sub Only Emotes

  • Sub Only Discord Channel Access 

  • A seat at the table for Hero Quest & DnD campaigns (Spots will be reserved for subscribers who are active in chat)

  •  through Blurbs that will play when you enter the stream.)Walk On Sound Effects(

  • Priority access to play with me in games!

  • 20 Extra Entries into monthly giveaways!

  • Ability to post links you want!

  • Not Affected by slow mode

Tier 2 Subscription - £9.99 / Month

  • Subs gets first priority to become moderators for the chat and community 

  • 24/hr early access to videos

  • Bonus behind-the-scenes & Bloopers footage for every video posted

  • Pokemon Go-Friend invite

Plus everything in tier 1

Tier 3 Subscription - £24.99 / Month

  • Coming soon: Autographed intimate photography each month from myself (you will need to provide me with a postal address)


Why: Portrait photography has always been an interest of mine and I have the time and support to do it so the question is.. why not?


Tier 3 subscriptions will primarily go towards funding this ambition and as a thank you to anyone who chooses to help support me in this venture, I would like to offer an exclusive Autographed portrait each month.

Plus everything in tier 1 & 2

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